Toolkit for Reducing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in Hospital Units: Implementation Guide


    The Purpose of This Guide
    The Problem
    The Solution
Frameworks for Change and Improvement
    The Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program
    Table 1. Culture Change Model Comparison
    Planning for Sustainability
Technical Interventions To Prevent CAUTI
    Appropriate Catheter Use
    Proper Catheter Insertion and Maintenance
    Prompt Catheter Removal
    Antimicrobial Stewardship
    Measuring Culture
    Process Measures
    Outcome Measures
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Appendix A. Checklists for Assessing Executive and Physician Champion Potential (Word File, 284 KB)
Appendix B. Urinary Catheterization – Sample Policy (Word File, 283, KB)
Appendix C. Sample Bladder Scan Policy (Word File, 283 KB)
Appendix D. Poster on Indications for Urinary Catheters (PDF FIle, 444 KB)
Appendix E. Poster on Urinary Catheter Risks and Indications (PDF File, 508 KB)
Appendix F. Urinary Catheter Decision-Making Algorithm (Word File, 154 KB)
Appendix G. Urinary Catheter Project Fact Sheet (PDF File, 153 KB)
Appendix H. Urinary Catheter Pocket Card (Word File, 242 KB)
Appendix I. Catheter Care Pocket Card (Word File, 183 KB)
Appendix J. Urinary Catheter Brochure (PDF File, 306 KB)
Appendix K. Infographic Poster on CAUTI Prevention (PDF File, 20 MB)
Appendix L. Intensive Care Unit Infographic Poster (PDF File, 425 KB)
Appendix M. Example of a Nurse-Driven Protocol for Catheter Removal (Word File, 295 KB)
Appendix N. Skin Care in the Incontinent Patient (Word File, 134 KB)
Appendix O. CAUTI Event Report Template (Word File, 1.6 MB)
Appendix P. Interpreting CAUTI Data Trends Tool (Excel File, 76 KB)

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Prepared by the Health Research & Educational Trust of the American Hospital Association and the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology with contract funding provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality through the contract, “National Implementation of Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) to Reduce Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI), project number HHSA290201000025I/HHSA29032001T, Task Order #1.”

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