Questions for your practice setting

These questions were designed with the six preventive services in mind. We encourage your clinic staff to meet together, select one preventive service, and go through each of the questions with that service in mind.

  1. Does your health center/clinic/hospital implement the ___________ Affordable Care Act-covered preventive service for women during the pre- and perinatal period?
    1. If not, consider what will be needed to effectively provide this service by reviewing the remaining questions and resources in this guide.
    2. If yes, do you need to adapt or modify these services based on effectiveness, efficiency, or the needs of your patients and practice?
  2. Is your staff knowledgeable about the ___________ preventive services available for women during the pre- and perinatal period?
    1. Does your staff need training on these services?
  3. What is the role of each clinical provider or staff member in the provision of ___________ preventive service?
  4. Will the uptake of ___________ preventive services create billing process changes or other office management procedures for your institution?
    1. What will these changes include?
    2. Who will be involved in leading those changes?
    3. Who will be involved in the day-to-day tasks of carrying them out?
    4. Will they require additional training?
  5. What resources will be required to implement ___________ preventive service?
    1. Will your institution need to hire new staff and/or purchase new equipment? If so, what staff and/or what kind of equipment?
    2. Will your institution need to develop a training protocol for staff?
  6. If a patient positively screens for ___________ preventive service and your institution is not able to deliver appropriate counseling or intervention, do you provide referrals? 
    1. Does your institution have a robust referral network and process in place to help patients access the care they require?
    2. Does your institution follow-up to ensure that patients use these referrals?
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