Practice Facilitation Handbook

Module 12 Trainer’s Guide: Assessing Practice Readiness for Chang

Table of Contents


  • Presession preparation for learners: 10 minutes
  • Session: 40 minutes

Materials Checklist

__  Case example: TheOnlyOneforMiles. See Module 6 Appendix B.

__  Informal Practice Readiness Assessment. See Module 12 Appendix B.


Learners will:

  • Identify four factors experts believe are associated with practice readiness to engage in facilitated improvement.
  • Practice using the readiness assessment with a fictional or real practice.

Exercises and Activities To Complete Before and During the Session

Presession Preparation

Read (10 minutes)

  1. Module 12.

During the Session

Present (15 minutes)

  1. Module 12.

Read (5 minutes)

  1. Have learners read fictional case example or description of real practice.

Discuss (20 minutes)

  1. Is this practice ready for facilitation? Why or why not?
  2. What additional information might you want on this practice to determine readiness for facilitation?
  3. What strengths or assets could you leverage in your work with this practice? What factors might be challenges? What should you look out for when you reassess readiness at the 3-month mark?
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Internet Citation: Module 12 Trainer’s Guide: Assessing Practice Readiness for Chang. Content last reviewed May 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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