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Module 13. Conducting a Kickoff Meeting

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A kickoff meeting is an important part of initiating an improvement project at a practice. It symbolizes a formal start to the project, creates a deadline for the practice to pull together an initial quality improvement (QI) team (Module 14), and gives you an additional opportunity to educate staff and clinicians about your role as a facilitator.

The goal of the first meeting is to introduce the QI team and practice leadership to the requirements of the improvement project, decide about their participation in the effort, and identify their initial priorities and goals for their participation.

The first meeting also provides an opportunity to conduct an initial training with the QI team on the content. When appropriate, you should incorporate informal academic detailing into the first session. You can do this by including a physician in the meeting who has already completed the improvement work in his or her own practice and who can share his or her experiences with the others. This individual can serve as a copresenter with you at the meeting as well as a member of the facilitation team for the practice.

In an ideal world, you will have already conducted the initial assessment of the practice and can report these data to those at the meeting and engage them in using the data to set early improvement goals. This said, in most cases this will not be possible because obtaining these data is typically time consuming and requires a considerable amount of relationship building before a practice will give a facilitator access to this information. In addition, administrative paperwork will need to have been executed that enables you to view certain types of patient data. Often this paperwork is still in process at the time of the kickoff.

Meeting Logistics

You will be responsible for scheduling the kickoff meeting, which should occur at the practice or a nearby location and last about 60 minutes. Whenever possible the meeting should be conducted in person. If you are facilitating from a remote location, you may want to conduct some initial prework by phone and then schedule an in-person kickoff meeting.

One of the challenges of coordinating the kickoff meeting is scheduling a day and time to meet. Consider the schedules of all potential attendees, including other facilitators, the academic detailer, the practice leadership, and the QI team members. A number of online scheduling resources can help you set up the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

Do not try to cover too much information at the kickoff meeting. If your facilitation is focused on a particular improvement project, such as implementing the Care Model or the Patient-Centered Medical Home, you can give a brief overview of the project (Module 16). If you are bringing an academic detailer, provide enough time for him or her time to share his or her experiences with facilitation and its impact on his or her practice and patients.

Make sure that the practice members have the opportunity to ask questions and encourage them to identify some preliminary goals for the upcoming intervention. You should give an overview of the goals of the facilitation intervention and your role and function as facilitator. You may need to reserve time to attend to some paperwork, such as executing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), for sharing protected health information. This can be completed at the end of the meeting. A sample agenda of the kickoff meeting is provided in Table 13.1.

Table 13.1. Sample agenda for kickoff meeting

12:00-12:10 Welcome and introductions

Goals for meeting

12:10-12:30 Review of key elements of the facilitation intervention

Academic detailer presents experiences with facilitation and/or with implementing the target changes in his/her practice and presents the case for change (goal is to build support for prioritizing improvement activities)


Confirmation of practice’s intent to participate and initial goal setting for intervention


Review of roles and expectations for practice facilitator and practice during intervention


Review and completion of administrative paperwork (Business Associate Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, and other documents as relevant such as a federalwide Assurance for the Protection of Human Subjects if research is being conducted as part of the facilitation intervention)

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