Practice Facilitation Handbook

Module 20 Trainer’s Guide: Facilitating Panel Management

Table of Contents


  • Presession preparation for learners: 75 minutes
  • Session: 90 minutes

Materials Checklist

__ Access to computer, speakers, and Internet.

__ Copy (one per learner) or online access to:


Learners will be able to:

  • Identify steps involved in training a practice on key concepts of panel management.
  • Use panel management training by Bodenheimer and Gohreb to train key practice staff on panel management.

Exercises and Activities To Complete Before and During the Session

Presession Preparation

Read (15 minutes)

  1. Module 20.

Watch (30 minutes)

  1. Video on outcomes of panel management:

    Note to trainer: Explain that the video shows an example of proactive care at Kaiser Permanente and demonstrates the difference good information systems, empowered staff, and proactive care can make.

Read (30 minutes)

  1. Empanelment: Establishing patient-provider relationships. Implementation guide. Seattle, WA: Safety Net Medical Home Initiative; March 2010. Available at:

During the Session

Present (15 minutes)

  1. Module 20.

Conduct (50 minutes)

  1. Present Bodenheimer T, Ghoreb A. Panel management. University of California San Francisco, Department of Family and Community Medicine; 2012. Go to Module 20 Appendix B.

Act (10 minutes)

  1. Conduct Empanelment Exercise.

Discuss (15 minutes)

  1. Why does panel management matter?
  2. What elements are necessary to effect panel management at a practice?
  3. What role can a practice facilitator play in helping practices implement panel management?
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