Practice Facilitation Handbook

Module 21 Trainer’s Guide: Improving Self-Management Support

Table of Contents


  • Presession preparation for learners: 110 minutes
  • Session: 90 minutes

Materials Checklist

__ Access to computer, Internet, projector or video display.

__ Copies (one per learner) or online access to:\

__Copy of the Self-Management Support Tasks and Assignments. See Module 21 Appendix.

__ Access to What, Why, and How of Self-Management Videos. Available at:


Learners will be able to:

  • Explain why self-management support is important to improving patient care outcomes and discuss how it fits in the Care Model and the patient-centered medical home.
  • List the actions facilitators can take to assist practices to improve self-management support for their patients.
  • Identify online resources that facilitators can use to increase practice member knowledge of self-management support.

Exercises and Activities To Complete Before and During the Session

Presession Preparation

Read (15 minutes)

  1. Module 21.

View (20 minutes)

  1. What, Why and How of Self Management Videos available at:

Explore (15 minutes)

  1. AHRQ Resource Site on Self-Management Support available at:

Read and Review (60 minutes)

During the Session

Present (30 minutes)

  1. Module 21.
  2. Transforming Practices Into Medical Homes slide show by Safety Net Medical Home Initiative. PCI Pt. 2: Self-Management Support in the PCMH, showing capture of self-management goals in an EHR and case examples of health coach implementation. Available at:

Act (30 minutes)

  1. Have learners divide into pairs or small groups. Designate Practice Facilitator and participant(s).
  2. Review ACIC section on Self-Management Support. Complete section on PracticeOnlyOneforMiles or practice with which learner is already working. Have practice facilitator “facilitate.”
  3. Use Self-Management Support Roles and Assignments to model an enhanced self-management support program for the practice.

Discuss (30 minutes)

  1. What role can a facilitator play in assisting practices to improve self-management support and why does this matter?
  2. What were some lessons learned from the Bodenheimer article on implementing self-management support?
  3. What role does it play in the Care Model and the PCMH?
  4. What were the results of your ACIC assessment? What did you learn from using the tool?
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