Practice Facilitation Handbook

Module 9 Trainer’s Guide: Preparing and Presenting Performance Data

Table of Contents


Presession preparation for learners: 60 minutes 

Session: 120 minutes

Materials Checklist

__ Computer, Internet access, and a projector or video display.

__ Copy of Performance Metric Calculator (diabetes). See Module 9 Appendix.

__ Copy of the Performance Report Generator. Available at:

__ Copy of the WeServeEveryone Clinic case example. See Module 9 Appendix.

__ Computer access for learners to generate graphic displays of practice data.


Learners will able to:

  • Manipulate performance data to check for out-of-range values and missing values.
  • Produce simple frequencies from data.
  • Prepare a graphic display of performance data.
  • Benchmark the data against an external standard.

Exercises and Activities To Complete Before and During the Session

Presession Preparation

Read (10 minutes)

  1. Module 9.

Act (50 minutes)

  1. Using data abstracted from earlier module, have learners calculate HEDIS performance metrics for the clinic WeServeEveryone, for each of the three time periods using the Performance Metric Calculator contained in the Appendix. For a set of potential benchmarks, see the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Web site. Available at:
  2. Have learners prepare a presentation of the chart audit findings across the three time periods or the “practice.” Have them include run charts and other graphic displays of the performance data in the presentation. Learners may use the Performance Report Generator (available at: or another method of their choosing to generate displays.

During the Session

Present (15 minutes)

  1. Module 9.

Discuss (25 minutes)

  1. What experience have you had in the past collecting and presenting performance data to an organization?
  2. What did you learn?
  3. What were your experiences preparing your data to present at the session today? What aspect was easiest for you? What was most challenging? What did you learn from the prework assignment?

Act (60 minutes)

  1. Have learners break into pairs or small groups. Designate a Practice Facilitator for each group. Have the facilitator present findings to the group and guide a discussion about the data using the questions contained in the module:
    • How accurately do you believe these data reflect your practice?
    • Are there problems with the data that should be considered or corrected before use?
    • What findings did you expect?
    • What findings were surprising?
    • What do these data suggest to you regarding setting goals for improvement at your practice and prioritizing these goals?

Discuss (in pair or small group) (20 minutes)

  1. Have learners provide feedback to their facilitator using the Stop, Start, Keep format.
    • Start doing—Something you might start doing in your presentation is:
    • Stop doing—Something you might stop doing is:
    • Keep doing—Something you should continue doing is:
  • For learners playing the “practice” roles, discuss what it was like to receive data about your practice’s performance.
    • a. What were your concerns?
    • What was most helpful to you about the data?
    • What was most helpful to you about your interactions with the facilitator?
  • What did you learn from this exercise and how will you use this in your work with your practices?
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