Practice Facilitation Handbook

Table 6.1. Assessment metrics

Table of Contents

Assessment Topic Metrics
Access and continuity
  • Same day access
  • Nontraditional visits to traditional
  • 3rd next available appointment
  • Patients seeing own provider or care team
  • Other
Clinical information systems and progress toward Meaningful Use
  • Registries
  • Problem lists
  • Medication lists
  • Flow sheets
  • Checklists of tests and interventions
  • Decision support tools
  • Other
Clinical performance
  • Key performance and outcome metrics for:
    • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
    • Heart failure (HF)
    • Diabetes mellitus (DM)
    • Preventive care (PC)
    • Hypertension (HTN)
  • Other clinical performance metrics relevant to the particular practice
Implementation of key elements of aspirational care models
  • Elements of the Care Model
  • Elements of the patient-centered medical home
  • Monthly expenditures
  • Expenditures per visit
  • Debt ratio
  • Working capital
  • Other
Patient experience
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Patient engagement with care team
  • Visit cycle time
  • Patient support and empowerment as owners of their own health
Quality improvement systems
  • Quality improvement plan content
  • Implementation of plan
  • Presence of performance reporting systems and their use
Safety and reliability
  • Medication error monitoring and prevention
  • Adverse event monitoring and prevention
  • Other
Staff morale and satisfaction
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Staff burnout

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