AHRQ's Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Dissemination and Implementation Activities

On November 4, 2011, Jean R. Slutsky, Howard E. Holland, and Barry Patel made this presentation at the meeting of the National Advisory Council.


  1. AHRQ's Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Dissemination and Implementation Activities.
  2. Presentation Topics.
  3. A Framework for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.
  4. PCOR Dissemination, Translation, and Implementation Goals.
  5. Target Audiences.
  6. Effective Health Care Program.
  7. Where the Eisenberg Center Sits Within the Effective Health Care Program Components.
  8. What Does the Eisenberg Center Do?.
  9. The Effective Health Care Program.
  10. Eisenberg Center Translation and Dissemination Products.
  11. Reaching the Target Audience.
  12. Presentation Topics.
  13. ARRA Dissemination, Translation, and Implementation Grants.
  14. Importance of iADAPT.
  15. Intervention Types.
  16. Funded iADAPT Grants.
  17. ARRA-Funded Community Forum Project.
  18. Community Forum: Support, Expand Current Activities.
  19. Community Forum: Tools for Researchers.
  20. Community Forum: Focus on Innovative Methods for Involving Stakeholders.
  21. Engaging the Community - EHC Program Portfolio on Electronic Data for CER.
  22. EHC Stakeholder Group: 2010-2012 Focus Areas.
  23. ARRA Dissemination Contracts (September 2010-September 2013).
  24. National Initiative for Promoting Evidence-based Health Information.
  25. Media and Marketing.
  26. National Partnerships.
  27. Virtual Centers.
  28. Regional Partnership Development Offices.
  29. Opportunities for Involvement.
  30. Number of Partners by State.
  31. Early Partnership Results.
  32. Online Continuing Education.
  33. Online Continuing Education.
  34. Online Continuing Education Certificates Awarded by Discipline.
  35. Online Continuing Education Evaluation.
  36. Systematic Evaluation.
  37. Phase 1 Activities.
  38. Phase 2 Activities.
  39. Patient Centered Outcomes Research Dissemination Framework.
  40. Presentation Topics.
  41. About TTM.
  42. Academic Detailing Definition.
  43. Project Overview.
  44. Topics for Details.
  45. Target Audience.
  46. Recruitment and Hiring of Academic Detailers.
  47. Academic Detailers.
  48. Training.
  49. Project Started Fall 2010.
  50. Status and Update.
  51. Status and Update.
  52. Lessons Learned and Highlights.
  53. Lessons Learned and Highlights.
  54. Feedback on Post-CE Test.
  55. Data from Clinicians Seeking Certificates Following Insulin AD.
  56. Questions??.
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