Slide 3. A Framework for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.

AHRQ's Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Dissemination and Implementation Activities

On November 4, 2011, Jean R. Slutsky, Howard E. Holland, and Barry Patel made this presentation at the meeting of the National Advisory Council.

Slide 3 A Framework for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.

Image: A flowchart of the Framework for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research is shown. On the far left are two ovals labeled "Horizon Scanning" and "Evidence Synthesis." Arrows point from both these ovals to another oval labeled "Evidence Needs Identification." An arrow points from this oval to a box labeled "Evidence Generation. Strategies, Interventions, Conditions, Populations." An arrow also points from "Evidence Synthesis" to this same box. An arrow points from the Evidence Generation box to a smaller box labeled "Translation, Dissemination, Implementation" and an arrow points from this box to the box on the far right of the flowchart, which is labeled "Improvements in Health Care." An arrow points from "Improvements in Health Care" across the top of the flowchart back to "Horizon Scanning." A text box at the bottom of the chart is labeled "Research Platform: Infrastructure - Methods Development - Training." A second text box below the chart is labeled "Stakeholder Engagement."

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