Slide 39. Patient Centered Outcomes Research Dissemination Framework

AHRQ's Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Dissemination and Implementation Activities

Text version of slide presentation from a National Advisory Council meeting.

Slide 39 Presentation Topics.

Image: An inverted pyramid shows "Prioritization and Message Development." To the left of each level of the pyramid is a set of examples based on the "New Diabetes CER [Comparative Effectiveness Review]":

National Initiative:
National awareness of CER and specific findings.


  • Media campaign.
  • Outreach to national orgs (i.e. American Diabetes Association [ADA], American Association of Diabetes Educators [AADE], Endocrine Society, American Association of. Clinical Endocrinologists [AACE]).
  • Outreach to consumers.

Regional Offices
Deeper awareness of CER and findings at regional, local, or system level.


  • Integrate message into Diabetes package.
  • Promote via regional/State chapters of national orgs, local advocacy orgs, and regional health systems.

Academic Detailing & Online CE [Continuing Education]

Individual clinician education and practice-level implementation.


  • Integrate clinical message into Diabetes AD package.
  • Promote/discuss in individual practice settings.
  • Create and promote CE modules based on individual findings.

Arrows point down from each level of the pyramid to the level below. Arrows also point from each level to a green bar to the right of the pyramid, captioned "Evaluation."

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