Event Investigation and Analysis Guide: Appendix E

Confirmation and Consensus Meeting Announcement Template

As you may know, a patient care incident occurred on (insert date) involving (brief description of event). On behalf of (insert executive sponsor name), we are asking you to participate in our upcoming confirmation and consensus meeting on (insert date, time, and location).

The meeting will last 60 minutes and will be facilitated by (insert person’s name). An in-depth review of the event is complete. Please review the enclosed information prior to the meeting.

The purpose of this confirmation and consensus meeting is to seek input and to validate and agree on the findings.  At the conclusion of this meeting, there will be consensus around contributing factors, which will be the focus of the solutions meeting.

At our organization, we believe in a systems approach to solving problems, and we don’t focus on individuals or place blame, as those methods do not improve the safety of our patients. Instead, we look at the process breakdowns. All information is to be treated confidentially.

Your attendance and participation demonstrate your commitment to patient safety and encourage open dialogue and ownership of solutions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your preparation and attendance at this meeting.

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