Female Patient Print Ad

"Questions Are the Answer"

A print ad, featuring a female patient, aimed at clinicians to encourage two-way communication during medical visits.

A simple question can reveal as much as a test

"What are our goals for today?"

Ask your patients about their health priorities at each visit. When you do, both you and your patient can make the most out of the time you have together, and they'll feel more invested in their own care. Not only does that improve efficiencies, but it also helps improve health outcomes.

For tools and tips to share with your patients, visit www.ahrq.gov/questions

A woman is sitting on an examination table in a medical office. Her face is showing, but her body is composed of different medical test results, including x-rays, a heart rate printout, and an ultrasound image. The message the image conveys is that while doctors can learn a lot about a patient's health from test results, they can also learn a lot by asking the patient questions.

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