How AHRQ Invests in PCOR Dissemination

AHRQ ensures that PCOR findings are known, understood, and used by a three-step process: synthesis of the research results into  evidence, translation and dissemination of the evidence through development of tools and training, and implementation of the evidence into practice. AHRQ is widely recognized for its work in this area to improve health care quality and safety.

The Steps of Dissemination

Three arrows point from left to right. The first is captioned Research. The second is captioned Evidence Synthesis, Translation & Communication, Implementation. The third is captioned Clinical Practice.

Evidence Synthesis

One study alone is rarely enough to be sure that the finding is the right approach for certain kinds of patients, treatments, or settings. Evidence synthesis reports provide the highest level of evidence by comprehensively reviewing all the studies in a field,. Greater weight is given to results from higher quality studies. AHRQ has been producing evidence synthesis reports on PCOR since 2010 and is well recognized for its expertise in this area. The reports provide a scientifically sound  picture of what treatments work best for which types of patients with particular health conditions.

Translation and Communication

AHRQ’s Eisenberg Center translates systematic evidence reviews into easy-to-understand guides that help health care professionals and patients use the PCOR evidence to guide medical decisions. AHRQ also develops other tools and training materials to support health care professionals in implementing evidence to improve the care they provide. To accelerate its dissemination work, AHRQ partners with health care specialty societies, advocacy groups, and health systems to assist them in educating their members on how to keep abreast of new evidence and its importance for improving care.


AHRQ uses the tools and training created during its translation work to help health care professionals and systems incorporate new evidence and tools into their work flow to improve care so that ultimately, the right patient gets the right care at the right time. AHRQ supports health care professionals in implementing PCOR findings into practice through innovative, evidence-based strategies such as practice facilitation, electronic clinical decision support, and national and local learning collaboratives.

Examples of AHRQ PCOR Trust Fund Investments

Building on its many years of experience in PCOR, AHRQ has invested in a comprehensive series of projects across the dissemination spectrum.

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