Dissemination of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR)

AHRQ’s Role in the PCOR Cycle  

PCOR is part of a powerful cycle of research and practice continually informing each other. While delivering care for people, health care professionals, in partnership with patients and their families, uncover important questions. AHRQ’s role is to ensure that the findings from PCOR are understood and used by health care professionals and systems. Learn more about AHRQ's Role in the PCOR Cycle.

Arrows form a circle to show AHRQ's role in the PCOR cycle: Identify Evidence Gaps points to Researching Answers, which points to Disseminating Evidence, which points to Delivering Health of Care, which points to Identifying Evidence Gaps to complete the cycle.

How AHRQ Invests in PCOR Dissemination

AHRQ ensures that PCOR findings are known, understood, and used through a three-step process:

  • Synthesis of research to establish evidence.
  • Translation and communication of the evidence through development of tools and training and outreach.
  • Support of health systems and health care professionals in implementing evidence into practice.

AHRQ is also committed to monitoring our success in helping health systems and health care professionals in using the latest evidence to improve health and health care delivery.

AHRQ Dissemination Links Research with Clinical Practice

Three arrows pointing left to right are captioned, Research, Evidence Synthesis, Translation & Communication, Implemention, and Clinical Practice.

Examples of AHRQ PCOR Trust Fund Investments

Building on its many years of experience in PCOR, AHRQ has invested in a comprehensive series of projects across the dissemination spectrum.

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