Clinical-Community Relationships Measures (CCRM) Atlas

Clinical-Community Relationships Measures (CCRM) Atlas

Domain: Feedback and communication Element/ relationship: Clinic/ clinician-community resource
Instrument: Alzheimer's Service Coordination Program (ASCP) Physician Survey
Purpose: Physicians are asked whether they received a service plan from the ASCP Service Coordinator while participating in the program.
Format/data source: Health professional survey
Measure type: Process Date: 1997
Preventive service/ USPSTF: Other—Mental Health*
Clinical practice: Primary Care—Family Practice; Primary Care—Internal Medicine
Denominator: Clinicians in the area who have at least six dementia patients and who referred family caregivers diagnosed with dementia to a service coordinator and responded to question (Q1)
Numerator: Number of clinicians responding "Yes" (a or b)
Development & testing: Tested versions of the survey with academic general internists for clarity and brevity before the instrument was fielded.
Past or validated application:  
Citation(s): Fortinsky, R. H., Unson, C. G., and Garcia, R. I. Helping family caregivers by linking primary care physicians with community-based dementia care services: The Alzheimer's Service Coordination Program." Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice (2002) 1(2), 227-240.


Please be aware that this measure is using only a selected section of an entire survey instrument. Therefore, this individual measure may need to undergo further reliability and validation testing to ensure that it can be applied in a clinical-community relationship setting.

*This is a measure that was originally applied in a mental health setting, but it could be adapted for a primary care setting.

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