Clinical-Community Relationships Measures (CCRM) Atlas

Clinical-Community Relationships Measures (CCRM) Atlas

Domain: Feedback and communication Element/ relationship: Clinic/ clinician-community resource
Instrument: Continuity of Care Practices Survey—Practice Level [CCPS-P]
Purpose: This measure assesses whether a clinician and his staff participating in the Veterans Affairs Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment program were able to arrange for their patient to connect with a community resource.
Format/data source: Health professional survey that is completed for each practice by a designated member of that practice.
Measure type: Process Date: 2004
Preventive service/ USPSTF: Alcohol Misuse Counseling
Clinical practice: Other
Denominator: N/A
Numerator: N/A
Development & testing: Program-level CCPS data were obtained from directors/coordinators of 129 intensive inpatient/residential and outpatient Department of Veterans Affairs SUD programs. These data were used to examine the internal consistency and discriminant validity of the CCPS-P. CCPS-P demonstrated acceptable psychometric properties. CCPS-P subscales and the overall CCPS-P score predicted corresponding continuity of care services that staff provided to patients within programs, offering support for predictive validity. Lack of significant correlations between CCPS-P subscales and SUD program characteristics (e.g., size, staffing) provided preliminary evidence for discriminant validity.
Past or validated application: 129 intensive SUD treatment programs (58 inpatient/residential and 71 outpatient); methadone maintenance programs were excluded. Directors of the programs completed the CCPS by mailed questionnaire or telephone interview.
Citation(s): Schaefer, J. A., Cronkite, R., Ingudomnukul, E. Assessing continuity of care practices in substance use disorder treatment programs. Journal of Studies on Alcohol (2004) 65:513-520.


This is a composite measure using the Coordinate Care Subscale—Add 8A-E and subtract the number of responses without missing data, e.g., if one item has missing data, subtract 4, the number of complete responses.

Please be aware that this measure is using only a selected section of an entire survey instrument. Therefore, this individual measure may need to undergo further reliability and validation testing to ensure that it can be applied in a clinical-community relationship setting.

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