Clinical-Community Relationships Measures (CCRM) Atlas

Clinical-Community Relationships Measures (CCRM) Atlas

Domain: Knowledge and familiarity with community resources Element/ relationship: Clinic/ clinician
Instrument: Capacity for Chronic Disease Management in General Practice Research Study Practice Profile Interview—Linkages with External Organisations of Providers (GP-LI)
Purpose: This question assesses a provider's view of the quality of service provided by the community resource(s).
Format/data source: Health professional survey
Measure type: Outcome Date: 2005
Preventive service/ USPSTF: Other—Non-Mental Health*
Clinical practice: Primary Care—Family Practice; Primary Care—Internal Medicine
Denominator: N/A
Numerator: N/A
Development & testing: The interview to measure surgery-level (rather than individual clinician-level) clinical linkages was developed, piloted, reviewed, and evaluated with 97 Australian general practices. Two validated survey instruments were posted to patients, and a survey of locally available services was developed and posted to participating Divisions of General Practice (support organizations). Hypotheses regarding internal validity, association with local services, and patient satisfaction were tested using factor analysis, logistic regression, and multilevel regression models.
Past or validated application: Setting: General practices in Australia

Population: General practitioners and practice managers

Citation(s): Amoroso, C., Proudfoot, J., Bubner, T., et al. Validation of an instrument to measure inter-organisational linkages in general practice. International Journal of Integrated Care (2007).


This question is part of a composite measure for one practice:

For each provider or organization the clinician has a linkage with, rate on a scale of 0-5 (0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest), the quality of service provided to your practice.

This tool was originally developed to examine both the clinical and nonclinical links in general practice that exist at a practice level with external providers or organizations. This tool is only designed to look at links that are at the practice level, as defined by a link which the principal GP would tell a new GP about when they joined the practice. The links are recognized in regards to the functions they fulfill, for example, does the practice have a link for referral or advice for asthma. For the purposes of this Atlas, the composite scoring was broken and one question was identified as a measure of clinical-community relationships. Please be aware that this measure is using only a selected section of an entire survey instrument. Therefore, this individual measure may need to undergo further reliability and validation testing to ensure that it can be applied in a clinical-community relationship setting.

*This is a measure that was originally applied in a chronic care setting, but it could be adapted for a primary care setting.

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