136. Treatment Recommendations: Medications-Nicotine Inhaler (Continue)

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update

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Clinical guidelines for prescribing medication for treating tobacco use and dependence (continued)

Availability Prescription only
Prescribing instructions Ambient temperature-Delivery of nicotine from the inhaler declines significantly at temperatures below 40�F. In cold weather, the inhaler and cartridges should be kept in an inside pocket or other warm area.

Absorption-Acidic beverages (e.g., coffee, juices, soft drinks) interfere with the buccal absorption of nicotine, so eating and drinking anything except water should be avoided for 15 minutes before or during use of the inhaler.

Dosing information-Patients often do not use enough prn NRT medicines to obtain optimal clinical effects. Use is recommended for up to 6 months with gradual reduction in frequency of use over the last 6-12 weeks of treatment. Best effects are achieved by frequent puffing of the inhaler and using at least 6 cartridges/day.

Costa 1 box of 168 10 mg cartridges = $196.00 (quantity used determines how long supply lasts)

a Cost data were established by averaging the retail price of the medication at national chain pharmacies in Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA, Milwaukee, WI, Sunnyside, NY and listed on-line during January, 2008 and may not reflect discounts available to health plans and others.

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