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Confidential Physician Feedback Reports: Designing for Optimal Impact on Performance

Confidential feedback reporting is widely considered to be a precursor to and a foundation for performance improvement. However, to enable change, the physician responsible for and capable of change must receive, understand, and act on the information. This guide informs developers of feedback reports about evidence-based strategies to consider when developing or refining a feedback reporting system. This guide is appropriate for many audiences, including medical groups, health plans, payers, professional societies, regional quality improvement collaboratives, and dissemination and implementation campaigns.  

Priority Populations: Women's Health Resources

Research updates and information to help women manage diseases and conditions.

Private Performance Feedback Reporting for Physicians

A growing number of Chartered Value Exchanges (CVEs) and other multistakeholder community quality collaboratives are now producing some type of private performance feedback report to physicians or other health care providers in parallel to their public report for consumers. In contrast to public reports, private performance feedback reports for physicians are designed to serve the measurement and improvement goals of clinicians and other health professionals, as well as health care organization leaders. Community quality collaboratives face a range of considerations as they develop or redesign private performance feedback reports for physicians. This guide offers 13 specific recommendations intended primarily for CVEs and other collaboratives engaged in private feedback reporting.

Research Initiative in Clinical Economics

Research on cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA), cost-benefit analysis, and methods for estimating the value of health care interventions, use of resources, outcomes, and quality.

Vision Rehabilitation: Care and Benefit Plan Models

Vision Rehabilitation: Care and Benefit Plan Models: Literature Review

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