Toolkit for Implementing the Chronic Care Model in an Academic Environment


Vanderbilt University Medical Center developed a dashboard to organize information on a computer so it is useful for the user. The dashboard is part of the chronic disease management system and tracks up-to-the-minute data of diabetes patients, such as blood pressure, HbA1c, and LDL levels, and whether the patient has had a foot exam within the past 12 months.

Screenshot of Dashboard

Screenshot of Dashboard. For details, go to [D] Text Description.

Text Description

The image displays a screenshot of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center dashboard. On the left-hand side of the Dashboard are two main lists of options separated by a line. The first list contains the following items:

  • A partially obscured URL: https://vumcpoAdministration
  • Clear all
  • GreggBill MD
  • New results
  • Outpt. visits
  • Outpt. Whitebo
  • Preferences
  • Reminders

The second list begins with the words "Patient Lists" in red at the top, followed by:

  • My StarTracker
  • StarTracker Admin
  • Consults
  • Inpt. census
  • Outpt. visits
  • Patients View
  • Panels
  • GreggBill MD
  • Recent pts.
  • Scratch cens.

There is another line followed by the words "Work Lists" in red.

To the right of these lists is the main body of the dashboard divided into four sections: At the top is this information: User greggns (Gregg, William M), Sign Drafts (in red), Reminders (in red), Messages: 2 11 12 (GreggBill-MD), Unsaved Work: 1

The second line in this section contains the following: Go to: Pt. Chart, StarVisit, StarNotes, Forms, OPOC, RX, Panels, Pt. Lists, MsgBaskets, NewResults, SignDrafts, Miscellaneous. "Pt. Chart" has been selected in this screenshot.

The next section beneath it contains this information:Patient number and name followed by the date 01/01/2000—6YO in parenthesis. The word "Alert" is off to the right of this information.

The next line offers a number of options: ALL, AllDocs, Appntm, Calendar Clin Comm, EnterData, Faxed, Flows, Labs, Meds, Msgs?, Orders, Probl List, Radiol, Refresh, Reports, Search, ToPanel, VitalSigns. "EnterData" has been selected.

Beneath this line is another section. It begins with the patient's number, name, and (01/01/2000—6YO). Two buttons are on the far right: one labeled "Actions" the other "Labs" Beneath this line are the following options: All, None, My. There is a small space and another set of options: anat path, clin comm, disch sum, forms, images, intk form, Labs, notes, orders, radiol, rehab, reports. There is another small space with the following information: Search: full title (followed by a line for selecting this option) author (followed by a line for selecting this option). The options chosen from the entire line are: "None" and "rehab"

Below is the following information: 200605/23/06 Rx Summary (018754309 void#ztest, charlotte) (Jain3id)05/22/06 Rx Summary (011959152 spindler, kurt p) (Testing, Doctor)Rx Summary (018754309 void#ztest, charlotte) (Johnson, Kavin J).

In the section below this, the following information is presented: StarTracker Dashboard: Diabetes MellitusSyst BP 120, 2005/10/03 Diast BP 80, 2005/10/03HgbA1C 10.1, 2005/10/05LDL chol 85, 2005/10/05Ur Microalb NONEACEI/ARB YesFoot Exam Yes, 2006/04/27, Self Mgmt None.

The next line reads: Updated 2006/02/15 16:04 by greggns for Gregg, William, Patient-specific guidelines, MedicationsLog, Update NoChange.

Below this information are two boxes. At the top of the left box is "General Information: testing"; there is a line dividing the box and in that section is "Significant Medical Diagnoses and Conditions: Depression 311, Bruxism" In the box to the right, this information is included: Advers and Allergic Drug Reactions: PCN squid; there is a line dividing the box and in that section is "Medications: Buspar 15mg 1X daily".

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