Advancing Pharmacy Health Literacy Practices Through Quality Improvement

Using the Curricular Modules

Are These Modules for You?

These modules are intended for use by pharmacy faculty, students, and residents interested in introducing or augmenting health literacy and quality improvement topics in the curriculum and in practice. The following types of faculty may find these helpful:

  • Are you a pharmacy faculty member who:
    • Wants to teach your students about health literacy?
    • Wants to engage your students in activities to help them apply health literacy concepts?
    • Wants to teach your students about quality improvement?
    • Currently teaches health literacy and/or quality improvement but wants supplemental active learning activities for your course?
  • Are you a community pharmacy preceptor or experiential education faculty who:
    • Needs learning activities to increase students' awareness of health literacy in pharmacy?
    • Wants to teach students how to apply quality improvement (QI) techniques to improve health literacy practices in pharmacy?
  • Are you an advisor on a student's PharmD project who:
    • Needs to help a student identify and execute a project related to health literacy?
  • Are you a community residency director/coordinator/preceptor who:
    • Needs to help a resident identify and execute a project related to health literacy?

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Adapting the Curricular Modules to Meet Your Needs 

The modules allow for ready adaptation by different faculty for different courses and/or in different aspects of the pharmacy curriculum (e.g., experiential education, laboratory courses, didactic courses, residency programs, etc.). Each component, whether the slide decks or Activity Guides, can be used alone or in combination with other components. For example, an Activity Guide could be paired with the PowerPoint® slides and presented in class, or used as an in-class activity. In the Activity Guides we indicate which PowerPoint® slide presentation(s) is relevant to the activity. Similarly, in Section 3, we specify which Activity Guides are related to the PowerPoint® slide decks. Of course, faculty members are strongly encouraged to adapt the modules based on their needs and existing resources, and select components that are most relevant to their students' educational needs.

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Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Standards

The ACPE Standards for Curriculum that the curricular modules components map to are specified in sections 3 and 4. The full list of relevant ACPE standards these curricular modules map to is provided in Appendix II.

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