Prevention and Chronic Care Program Announcements

The following is a list of announcements sent by AHRQ's Prevention and Chronic Care Program. For previous years' announcements, go to the Archives page.


06/21/16 New Information Tools From AHRQ Summarize Treatment Options for Infantile Hemangioma

06/10/16 June 22 Webinar: Health Information Technology To Improve Primary Care

06/02/16 Free Maintenance of Certification Part IV & Performance Improvement CME: Patient Self-Management Support

05/24/16 Tools for Patients and Clinicians Deciding How to Manage Binge-Eating Disorder

05/24/16 AHRQ Releases Success Stories Shown to Help Engage Patients and Families in Primary Care

04/19/16 Evidence on Interventions to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing for Uncomplicated Acute Respiratory Tract Infections

04/15/16 AHRQ Calls for Research on Advancing Primary Care and Health Care Delivery

04/14/16 AHRQ White Paper Offers Strategies to Integrate Team-based and Patient-centered Care in Primary Care Settings

03/18/16 Clinicians Confer on Strategies to Prepare and Complete Health Assessment MOC IV and PI-CME (for PAs)

03/17/16 Free Webinar on Using AHRQ’s New Decision Aid for Lung Cancer Screening

03/09/16 Now Available - Four New Lung Cancer Screening Decision Aids for Health Care Professionals and Patients

03/01/16 AHRQ Health Assessment Modules Help Diversely-Trained Clinicians Meet MOC Part IV & PA-QI

02/22/16 AHRQ Releases Health Literacy Toolkit for Primary Care Practice

02/17/16 AHRQ’s Primary Care Practice Facilitation Curriculum: An Expanded Resource for Workforce Development


12/14/15 AHRQ Job Opportunities in Health IT Research, Rockville, MD

10/23/15 Perspectives on Integrating Behavioral Counseling Interventions Into Primary Care

10/07/15 American Board of Medical Specialties to Offer Maintenance of Certification Credits for Physicians Participating in AHRQ EvidenceNOW Initiative

10/01/15 AHRQ Studies Provide Insights Into Primary Care Transformation

09/28/15 Training and Technical Assistance Guide Help to Engage PBRNs With Health Care Systems

09/24/15 Leaders Apply – New Job Opportunities at AHRQ’s Divisions of Health Information Technology and Practice Improvement

08/18/15 Introducing AHRQ's New Practice Facilitation Curriculum

08/17/15 Using Rapid-Cycle Research to Reach Goals: Awareness, Assessment, Adaptation, Acceleration 

08/05/15 Register Now for AHRQ’s Creating Patient-Centered Team-Based Care Webinar

07/08/15 AHRQ Releases New Field Guide to Help Clinicians Meet Maintenance of Certification Requirements

06/19/15 AHRQ Leadership Videos Raise Awareness of the Agency and Efforts To Improve Patient Care

05/26/15 REMINDER AHRQ Webinar: Institutional Review Board Challenges in Quality Improvement and Research

04/15/15 New Interactive Training Tool on Safe Opioid Use

04/14/15 AHRQ Webinar - Harnessing the Power of Your EHR for Quality Improvement: Successful Strategies from Primary Care Colleagues

04/07/15 Register Now: Research Methods Webinar on Determining the Pragmatic Characteristics of Research

03/30/15 New AHRQ Quality Improvement Resources

03/30/15 AHRQ Seeks Nomination of New Members to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

03/25/15 Achieve Integrated Care More Effectively with AHRQ's New Behavioral Health Integration Tools

02/26/15 Webinar Today at 3 p.m. EST – AHRQ Introduces New Expanded Practice Facilitation Training Curriculum

02/24/15 AHRQ Launches New Resources for Primary Care Researchers and Evaluators

02/12/15 AHRQ’s New Expanded Practice Facilitation Training Curriculum – Webinar Registration Open

01/15/15 AHRQ Hosts Free Webinar: Meeting Objectives of Meaningful Use Stage 3

01/14/15 Free Webinar on How Practice Facilitators Can Support Patient Engagement

01/13/15 E-GAPPS II March 2-3, 2015


12/08/14 Register Now: Using the PRECIS (Pragmatic-Explanatory Continuum Indicator Summaries) Tool

11/12/14 AHRQ Releases: A Guide to Real-World Evaluations of Primary Care Interventions

10/30/14 Register Now: Best Practices for Measuring Practice Transformation to Implement the Triple Aim

10/29/14 E-GAPPS II March 2-3, 2015

09/22/14 Healthier Pregnancy: Tools and Techniques to Best Provide ACA-Covered Preventive Services

09/12/14 Webinar Registration Open: PBRN Research Good Practices (PRGPs) Report

08/27/14 Register Now for a PBRN Webinar on Strategies to Support Cooperation of Multiple Organizations’ Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)

08/07/14 Case Studies of Exemplar Primary Care Practice Facilitation Training Programs Webinar – Thursday, August 14

08/01/14 Quality Improvement in Primary Care Fact Sheet

07/28/14 USPSTF Releases e-Book Edition of the 2014 Guide to Clinical Preventive Services

07/24/14 Comparative Health System Performance: Accelerating Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Dissemination

07/10/14 USPSTF Releases 2014 Guide to Clinical Preventive Services

07/09/14 Register Now: July 29 PBRN Webinar on Contemporary Issues in Economic Assessments of Interventions in Primary Care

06/17/14 2014 Stay Healthy Consumer Brochures

05/13/14 May 21 Webinar for Nurse Practitioner Faculty: Tools to Facilitate Evidence-Based Care

04/14/14 AHRQ Seeks Nomination of New Members to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

04/10/14 Register Now: April 29 Webinar on Harnessing Health Information Technology

03/17/14 JACM Focuses on Health IT Accelerating Research and Practice in Primary Care

03/14/14 Funding for Implementing PCOR in Primary Care Practices

02/21/14 Register Now: February 28 Webinar on EHR Functionality to Support Primary Care

02/20/14 Register Now: Webinar on Upcoming Medical Care Special Issue on Multiple Chronic Conditions Research

02/05/14 2014 Appointment of New U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Members

01/22/14 Register Now: February 19 Webinar on Evidence-Based Resources for APRNs

01/6/14 New AHRQ Webinar - Implementing Health Assessments in Primary Care: A How-to Guide


12/03/13 New Evidence-Based Guide Helps Implement Health Assessments in Primary Care Settings

11/27/13 New AHRQ Tool: Choose More Understandable and Actionable Materials

11/19/13 New From AHRQ: A Video and Infographic on Multiple Chronic Conditions

11/08/13 AHRQ Webinar—Practice Facilitation Handbook: A Resource for New Facilitators and Their Trainers

10/31/13 New: AHRQ's Atlas of Integrated Behavioral Health Care Quality Measures

09/30/13 Primary Care Research Highlighted in JABFM

09/18/13 AHRQ Webinar: Connecting Primary Care Practices With Hard-to-Reach Adolescent Populations

07/17/13 Register Now for AHRQ’s August 7 Webinar

06/20/13 Celebrating Practice-Based Research Networks' Achievements in Vaccine Delivery

05/15/13 Lexicon for Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration

04/24/13 PCMH Research Methods Series

03/25/13 AHRQ Seeking Medical Officers for Its Prevention Team

03/21/13 Diabetes Patients Get Better Care When Seen by Their Usual Provider

03/13/13 Improving Primary Care Through Practice Facilitation — Four Exemplar Programs

02/21/13 2013 Appointment of New USPSTF Members

02/12/13 Updated Guide to Clinical Preventive Services Now Available

01/22/13 Share Your Ideas for a New Mobile Prevention and Wellness App

01/15/13 Practice Facilitators and Case Managers Can Help Enhance the Primary Care Team

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