2010 R21 Exploratory Grants on Multiple Chronic Conditions

Updated 2014

These grants were funded in 2010 to use existing data to conduct comparative effectiveness research for patients with MCC. This research will help prioritize testing and treatments for these patients and suggest adaptations to currently recommended preventive and care management guidelines.

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Determining Processes of Cardiovascular Care Relevant to Complex PDF file (PDF File, 347 KB) | Elizabeth Bayliss, Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Should High-Risk Statin Utilization Rates Be Increased For Complex AMI Patients? PDF file (PDF File, 321 KB) | John Brooks, University of Iowa

Individualized Treatment Strategies and Optimal Hematocrit Target for Complex Dialysis Patients PDF file (PDF File, 284 KB) | Dennis Cotter, Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute

Comparative Effectiveness of Lipid-Lowering and Antihypertensive Medications among Patients Infected with HIV PDF file (PDF File, 335 KB) | Heidi M. Crane, University of Washington

Impact of Mental Illness and/or Substance Abuse on Diabetes Intervention and Outcome PDF file (PDF File, 359 KB) | Elsie Freeman, State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services

Multiple Chronic Conditions in Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) Infants: Epidemiology, NICU Care, and Outcome PDF file (PDF File, 348 KB) | William Gardner, Dalhousie University

Statins and ACE Inhibitors in Adults with Diabetes and Comorbid Conditions PDF file (PDF File, 372 KB) | David E. Grembowski, University of Washington

Fluoride Effectiveness in Prevention of Dental Caries in High Caries Risk Adults PDF file (PDF File, 340 KB) | Judith Jones, Boston University School of Dental Medicine

Continuity of Medication Management (COMM) Study PDF file (PDF File, 127 KB) | Matthew Maciejewski, Duke University

Outpatient Versus Residential Treatment Comparison for Pregnant Substance Abusers PDF file (PDF File, 345 KB) | Bentson McFarland, Oregon Health & Science University

Safety and Effectiveness Evaluations for Kidney Disease in Complex Patients PDF file (PDF File, 373 KB) | Donald R. Miller, Boston University School of Public Health

A Study of Trends in Obesity Progression Among Complex Patients PDF file (PDF File, 340 KB) | Ming Tai-Seale, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute

Beta-Blocker Effect on a Range of Health Outcomes in Older Adults with CAD and COPD PDF file (PDF File, 330 KB) | Mary Tinetti, Yale University School of Medicine

Optimizing Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Advanced Dementia PDF file (PDF File, 385 KB) | Jennifer Tjia, University of Massachusetts Medical School

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