Health Assessments in Primary Care

Appendix 7:  Health Assessments for Seniors


Billing and Coding


Sample Script for Annual Wellness Visit Scheduling

Patient: "I'd like to schedule my annual physical.  I am a Medicare patient and I think there should be no co-pay for this."

Scheduler: "Are you interested in the Annual Wellness Visit?  That visit is covered once a year by Medicare with no co-pay. There is also a Welcome to Medicare visit which is also no co-pay if it is your first year having Medicare coverage."

Patient: "I think it's the Annual Wellness Visit that I had heard about."

Scheduler: "Yes, we can schedule that.  The Annual Wellness Visit looks at your overall health, plus plans to help you stay healthy.  Instead of a head-to-toe exam, it involves completion of a questionnaire which may take up to 20 minutes to complete. These questions are very helpful for your doctor/provider in determining how to keep you healthy."

Patient: "Thank you. Yes I'd like to schedule it. I'm fairly healthy overall."

Scheduler: "Very good.  I'll schedule it for you now.  Keep in mind that if your provider spends time to address issues that arise from completion of the wellness questionnaire, you'll have a co-pay or deductible just like you would for any other visit."

Note: Schedule the annual wellness visit appointment and recommend the patient read his or her Medicare information about what to expect during the annual wellness visit.

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