Potential Measures for Clinical-Community Relationships

A-11. Measure 8: Plan of care includes at least one public and/or private community service/resource

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Appendix Table A-11. CCRM Atlas Measure 8: Plan of care includes at least one public and/or private community service/resource (Wrap-Around Observation Form-2)

Domain: Referral process Element/
Instrument: Wrap-Around Observation Manual – Second Version
Purpose: For families involved in a care team receiving wrap-around services, the question assesses if information about resource interventions in the area is offered to the team.
Format/data source: External audit. Question 2 of the 48-item Wrap-Around Observation Form-2, which elicits information from a trained observer of whether a team specifically identifies at least one public (e.g., Health and Human Services, Lincoln Public Schools, Social Security Income) and/or private (e.g., private therapists/counselors, drug rehab centers) community service/resource in the plan of care.
Measure type: Process Date: 2003
Preventive service/ USPSTF: Other – Mental Health*
Clinical practice: Other
Denominator: Number of patients or families eligible for wraparound services and form filled by observer. (Question 1)
Numerator: Number of “yes” responses noted by observer during family meeting with care coordinator. “Yes” only if one public and/or private service is included in the plan. These agencies must be accessible from the client's community. (Question 1)
Development & testing: Reliability of the WOF-2 was assessed during 30 family planning meetings with 26 different families during a 24-month period. Data were collected by eight graduate students and one research assistant who served as observers at the family planning meetings. To assess reliability at each meeting, two observers went to the meeting to collect data using the WOF-2.
Past or validated application: Those in Lancaster County, Nebraska, who participated in an evaluation designed to examine the impact of a system of care for children with serious emotional disturbance and their families.

Nordness, P.D. and Epstein, M.H. Reliability of the Wraparound Observation
Form—Second Version: An instrument designed to assess the fidelity of the Wraparound Approach. Mental Health Services Research (2003) 5(2):89-96.

Epstein, M.H., Nordness, P.D., Kutash, K., et al. Assessing the wraparound process during family planning meetings. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research (2003) 30:352-362.

Notes: Please be aware that this measure is using only a selected section of an entire survey instrument. Therefore, this individual measure may need to undergo further reliability and validation testing to ensure that it can be applied in a clinical-community relationship setting.

* This is a measure that was originally applied in a mental health setting, but it could be adapted for a primary care setting.

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