Clinical-Community Relationships Measures (CCRM) Atlas

Clinical-Community Relationships Measures (CCRM) Atlas

Number of the measure in the Atlas and the title of measure as described by the measure developer

Domain The domain the measure belongs to Element/ relationship The element/relationship the measure belongs to
Instrument For those measure that apply, the instrument from which the measure is derived
Purpose The intent of the measure
Format/data source Identifies how the measure data were collected. The data sources are based on the National Quality Measures Clearinghouse™ (AHRQ, 2011) full listing of data sources. Appendix B provides a listing and description of the data sources.
Measure type Identifies whether the measure is a structure, process, or outcome measure Date The date the measure was originally developed/released/or published
Preventive service/ USPSTF Provides the listing of the preventive service(s) that the measure has previously addressed, including USPSTF recommendations (USPSTF, 2010)
Clinical practice Identifies the primary care setting where the measure was applied. These include physical and/or clinical settings where clinicians and support staff deliver primary care, including family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. Clinicians include licensed physicians, doctors of osteopathy, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, nurse midwives, or physician assistants who provide primary care services.
Denominator Describes the lower part of the fraction used to calculate a rate or ratio defining the total population of interest for a measure
Numerator Describes the upper part of the fraction used to calculate a rate or ratio defining the subset of the population of interest that meets a measure's criterion
Development & testing A summary of relevant information concerning the development of the measure, as well as reliability and validity testing applied to the measure. Measure developers were contacted to seek updated testing information.
Past or validated application Describes the settings and target populations to which the measure was applied. This includes the type of clinical practice to which the measure was applied.
Citation(s) List of relevant sources for the measure, and its development or testing

Notes: Contains any additional relevant information.

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