Eliminating CLABSI, A National Patient Safety Imperative: Final Report Companion Guide

Pediatric Units

Pediatric Units

Section Summary

  • Data from 72 pediatric units were examined.
  • CLABSI rates reduced from 2.742 at baseline to 1.702 at quarter six, a relative reduction of 38 percent.

Although the intervention was tailored to adult ICUs, other hospital units that stood to benefit from participating in the intervention were encouraged to register. A total of 76 pediatric units reported at least one data point. Units that formally withdrew were excluded (n=4)5, and all other units reported at least one post-baseline data point, resulting in a final analytic sample of 72 units. On average, units had less than one missing post-baseline quarter worth of data (mean=0.35; stdev=0.98; median=0).

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Overall CLABSI rates over time can be found in Figure 15. Table 9 illustrates the number of units reporting for each time period. Figure 16 illustrates the percentage of units reporting a rate of zero (shown in dark blue) or less than one (shown in light blue) during each time period. At baseline 28 percent of units reported a rate of zero. At quarter six, this percentage increased to 59 percent of units reporting a rate of zero. Summary results for all pediatric units can be found in Table 10.

Figure 15. Pediatric CLABSI rate overall over time

Table 9. Number of pediatric units reporting data at each time point

Baseline Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6
65 71 70 70 68 65 63


Figure 16. Percent of reporting pediatric units with CLABSI rate of zero or less than one

* Percentage of units calculated as number of units with a rate of zero or less than one divided by the total number of units reporting during the time period.

Table 10. Summary for pediatric units cohorts 1-6 through quarter 6

  Pre-Intervention Post-Intervention
Baseline Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6
12 Months Months
Number of States Reporting 24 25 25 26 26 25 25
Number of Units Reporting 65 71 70 70 68 65 63
Average CLABSIs/Unit 4.477 0.887 1.143 0.714 0.485 0.677 0.762
Average CL Days/Unit 1633 426 489 443 465 462 448
(Infections/Days) x 1,000
2.742 2.082 2.339 1.613 1.043 1.466 1.702
Relative Reduction n/a -24% -15% -41% -62% -47% -38%

5. This number does not reflect units that formally withdrew but had not submitted any data. For details regarding project withdrawal see Participation section.

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