Eliminating CLABSI, A National Patient Safety Imperative: Final Report Companion Guide

Appendix A. Exclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria

To be included, publications had to be full articles, (abstracts were excluded) and CLABSIs had to occur in adult ICU or non-ICU settings. The following exclusion criteria were applied when considering articles to be included in the systematic review of CLABSI cost:

  • Articles not pertaining to calculating attributable CLABSI cost estimates were excluded.
  • Articles combining CLABSI cost estimates with other hospital-acquired infections were excluded.
  • Articles in which hospitals were not within the United States were excluded.
  • Cost estimates not in U.S. dollars were excluded.
  • Articles pertaining to bloodstream infections that were not hospital-acquired were excluded.
  • Articles related to dialysis-acquired CLABSI were excluded.
  • Articles where CLABSI was assessed in persons younger than 18 years of age (i.e., pediatrics) were excluded.
  • Simulated cost models were excluded.
  • Articles published in a language other than English were excluded.
  • Articles related to non-human subjects were excluded.
  • Review and systematic review articles were excluded; however, articles were pulled and citations cross-checked.
  • Articles published before 2002 were excluded.
  • Articles not peer reviewed were excluded.
  • Letters, case reports (n=1), historical articles, editorials, and commentaries were excluded.
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