Checklist for Creating an Observation Tool - Coaching Clinical Teams Module

This checklist can help you in each step of creating your observation tool.

(Before Drafting Your Tool)
(Before Testing Your Tool)
(Before Using Your Tool)

Make sure your tool—

|___| Has clear objectives
|___| Is used at a clearly identified point in time of patient care
|___| Builds on tools you already have
|___| Can be used to observe teamwork, communication, and tone in addition to process
|___| Focuses on things that are visible to the observer


Make sure your tool—

|___| Is brief
|___| Is readable
|___| Does not include personal identifiers
|___| Uses simple sentence structure and basic language
|___| Lists the items in the order in which the team will perform them


Make sure your tool—

|___| Is tested by those who will use it
|___| Takes less than 15 minutes for the observer to fill out
|___| Incorporates any feedback from the testing

Make sure that—

|___| Every time you change your tool you test it before using it
|___| All observers are trained on how to use the tool and teams are given constructive feedback

Page last reviewed May 2017
Page originally created April 2017
Internet Citation: Checklist for Creating an Observation Tool - Coaching Clinical Teams Module. Content last reviewed May 2017. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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