Gap Analysis Facilitator's Guide: Appendix E

Gap Analysis Report Template

The purpose of the Gap Analysis report is to call attention to common themes among the groups, as well as variations among the groups in their perceptions and degree of commitment to CANDOR principles. Findings should be used for targeted education, consensus building, and operational planning.

Communication and Optimal Resolution Toolkit Gap Analysis Report for

Insert organization name

Insert date of report

Introduction to the CANDOR Process

Medical liability plays an important role in the U.S. health care system. While restitution for patients and families affected by medical error is essential, the standard process often results in increased frustration and anger for patients and can diminish the opportunity for hospitals to learn and improve from error. There is strong consensus that improved communication between providers and patients about risks to which they have been exposed will improve patient outcomes and reduce costs associated with medical liability.

The comprehensive toolkit will allow hospitals to improve the management of patient safety events by implementing processes that facilitate full disclosure of an adverse event, apology, and fair and rapid resolution.

Gap Analysis Process

A Gap Analysis was conducted to evaluate the extent to which current processes align with the CANDOR process. The following groups were identified as key stakeholders: (list groups). Focus groups were conducted on (insert date) and included (list the groups).

Summary of Focus Group Findings

What was discovered?

[List the priority areas]
[Synthesize the comments]

What major themes emerged?

What insights were gained?

[Summarize the overall impressions]

Prioritized Potential Next Steps

  1. [Insert suggested next steps based on Gap Analysis for the implementation teams to work on here.]
  2. [Schedule CANDOR process implementation activities.]

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