Designing Consumer Reporting Systems for Patient Safety Events

Exhibit 4. Consumer reporting systems-Organizational structure and characteristics

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A flowchart shows consumer reporting systems.

Local consumer input flows to a system central hub with the following characteristics:

  • Is an independent entity with a steady stream of sustainable funding.
  • Governing body members' fiduciary responsibility is to represent the public.
  • Neutral oversight body with consumer representation exists.
  • Has transparency of goals, process, and results.
  • Consumers are involved in organizational governance and operations.

The system central hub has bidirectional links to other systems and organizations. The links have the following purpose:

  • Share results to change health care practices.
  • Demonstrate that reported information was used.
  • Address needs of reporters that can't be addressed by consumer reporting systems.
  • Encourage reporting.
  • Improve analyses.


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