Figure 1. Logic models and definitions (Text Description)

Promoting Safety and Quality Through Human Resource Practices

The figure is titled, "Figure 1. Logic models and definitions." It presents a conceptual model of how high-performance work practices (HPWP) subsystems affect employee and organizational outcomes.

The figure shows an internal flow from left to right, starting with staffing (which includes "Quality of candidate pools" and "Quality of hires"), moving to care processes (which includes system reliability and resilience, and capacity for continuous system improvement), ending with "Organizational Outcomes" and "Employee-Level Outcomes".

Around the sides of the internal flow are the four subsystems described in the Executive Summary. "Engaging Staff" is above and pointing to "Care Processes;" "Aligning Leaders" is to the right of "Engaging Staff" and is pointing to "Organizational Outcomes" and "Employee-Level Outcomes." "Acquiring and Developing Talent" is below and pointing to "Staffing," and "Empowering the Frontline" is below and pointing to "Care Processes."

The upper left of the figure lists "Organizational Factors" that influence HPWP adoption as well as factors that influence HPWP impact and sustainability.

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