A Toolkit for Redesign in Health Care: Final Report

Form A. Site Visit/Conference Call Questions

Date: ____/____/____                    Time: ________ AM/PM

Interviewer(s): __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Site/institution: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Person(s) interviewed: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

1.    What was the motivation going in for a radical redesign?

2.    What are the goals for transforming your organization?

3.    What steps did you take to transform your organization?

  • With leadership/management?
  • With the frontline workforce?
  • With culture?
  • With input, from your customers?

4.    What were the timelines for this transformation for each of the steps?

5.    From your personal experience in health care, what processes would you change?

6.    What were the critical juncture points?

7.    What worked well during this transformation? What did not work well?

8.    What were the problems/issues that you confronted? What would you approach differently?

9.    Which of the components of these processes are transferable to other organizations, particularly health care? Which ones are not?

10.  What do you estimate were the costs of this transformation and the components of these costs?

11.  What was the role of information technology?

12.  What was the role of human resources?

13.  Where did you need to make organizational structure or key competency changes and how were these accomplished?

14.  Can you describe the most important end-results?

15.  Can you name the tools/concepts that you applied? For example, Six Sigma, Lean, etc.

16.  What other industries did you look at as for examples of redesign?

17.  What were the critical factors involved in maintaining the success and visibility of the projects?

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