Executive Summary

Chapter 2. Survey Administration Statistics

This chapter presents descriptive information on how the 2012 database medical offices administered the survey.


  • The 2012 database consists of data from 23,679 medical office staff respondents from 934 participating medical offices.
  • The average medical office response rate was 71 percent, with an average of 25 completed surveys per medical office.

The 2012 database consists of survey data from 934 medical offices with a total of 23,679 medical office providers and staff respondents. Participating medical offices administered the medical office survey to their providers and staff between November 2009 and October 2011 and voluntarily submitted their data for inclusion in the database.

 Overall statistics for medical offices included in the 2012 database are shown in Table 2-1. An average of 25 completed surveys were submitted per medical office (range: 5 to 402), with an average medical office response rate of 71 percent (range: 7 to 100 percent).

 Most medical offices administered the survey by Web only (63%), as shown in Table 2-2, but Web only had the lowest average response rate (66%), as shown in Table 2-3.

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