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Figure 2. Task Timeline for Project Planning for a Web-Based Survey

X = perform task during this period.

Task Timeline for Project Planning Preparation/Planning Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6  
Getting Started - Ch. 2 Determine available resources, project scope, and schedule X              
Decide whether to use an outside vendor (and select vendor) X            
Form a project team X            
Determining Your Data Collection Methods - Ch. 3 Design and pretest your Web-based survey (Ch. 5) X            
Establish a point of contact in each medical office/system   X          
Establishing Data Collection Procedures - Ch. 4 Decide whether to track responses through identifiers   X          
Assemble survey materials (as needed)   X          
Publicize and promote the survey   X X X X    
Send prenotification E-mail     X        
Send wurvey inviation E-mail with link to survey       X      
Track responses and calculate preliminary response rates         X X   End of data collection
Distribute first reminder (a few days after invitation)       X      
Distribute second reminder         X    
Distribute third reminder           X  
Close out data collection             X

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