Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture

In response to community pharmacies interested in a survey that focuses on patient safety culture in their facilities, AHRQ sponsored the development of the Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture. This survey is designed specifically for community pharmacy staff and asks for their opinions about the culture of patient safety in their pharmacy.

Community Pharmacy Survey Toolkit

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Survey Form

  • Community Pharmacy Survey ( PDF [ 355 KB] ; MS Word [ 241 KB] )
  • Community Pharmacy Survey—Spanish Version (PDF [160;98.2 KB] MS Word [ 201 KB] )

Survey Composites and Items

  • Community Pharmacy Survey Composites and Items ( PDF [ 309 KB] )
  • Community Pharmacy Survey Composites and Items—Spanish Version and Description of Translation Process (PDF [40.2 KB] )

Survey User's Guide

The User's Guide provides a general overview of the issues and major decisions involved in conducting a survey and reporting the results. The User's Guide includes information on getting started, determining data collection methods, establishing data collection procedures, conducting the survey, and preparing and analyzing data, and producing reports.

  • Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety: User's Guide ( PDF [ 636 KB] )


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has established the Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture Database, a central repository for survey data from community pharmacies that administer the AHRQ community pharmacy survey on patient safety and voluntarily submit their data to the database. Since the organizations are not a random sample of the community pharmacy population and only a small percentage of all community pharmacies may choose to participate, the submitting pharmacies are not representative of all U.S. community pharmacies.

Estimates based on this self-selected group may produce biased estimates of the population and it is not possible to compute estimates of precision from such a self-selected group. The first Pharmacy Database in 2015 represented less than 0.5 percent of U.S. pharmacies. Therefore, we recommend reviewing the database results with these caveats in mind.

  • Database Reports—See results from the Community Pharmacy Database.
  • Submission Information—For community pharmacies interested in submitting their community pharmacy patient safety culture survey data.

Additional Resources

Action Planning Tool (PDF, 368.7 KB; Word, 111.77 KB)

This tool was designed primarily for users of the AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture and is intended for use after your organization administers the survey and analyzes the results. It provides step-by-step guidance to help survey users develop an action plan to improve patient safety culture.

Research Reference List

The purpose of this research reference list is to provide citations for articles published on the AHRQ safety culture surveys. It includes references on the use of the surveys; psychometric analyses; analyses linking the survey to outcome data; reviews of instruments; and international studies.

Using the Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture (Webinar)

A conference call conducted on October 29, 2013, provides users with an overview of the development and use of the survey. Results from the 55 community pharmacies that participated in a pilot test of the survey in early 2012 are discussed. In addition, two organizations share how they are using their survey results to implement patient safety and quality improvement initiatives in their community pharmacies.

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