Training Module 2 — Core Team Discussion Guide: Facilitator Notes

AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: HAIs/CAUTI

Clean Equipment and Environment: Knowledge and Practice


Answer the following questions to help reflect on how you can prepare to discuss cleaning and disinfection practices at your facility.

Discussion Questions

1. Where are your cleaning and disinfection supplies stored?

Facilitator Note Ex

  • For example, the supplies are stored in the Environmental Services closet.
  • Disinfectant wipes are stored at the nurses' station and wall mounted in the hallways.

2. What can leadership do to make disinfection a priority and easily accessible to staff?

Facilitator Notes

  • Ensure an adequate supply of disinfection wipes is available in all locations at all times.
  • Distribute reminders explaining the importance of maintaining a clean environment.

3. What cleaning and disinfecting challenges do you experience in your facility?

Facilitator Notes
For example, staff will sometimes forget to clean and disinfect equipment between residents. The Environmental Services staff may be rushed and forget to perform a thorough job.

4. What solutions do you propose to address these challenges in your facility?

Facilitator Notes
For example, educate staff about the importance of cleaning/disinfecting equipment between residents. Educate the Environmental Services staff not to rush while performing their duties. Inform the residents that staff will be cleaning and disinfecting equipment between residents to ensure cleanliness.

5. How can you support a culture of safety around cleaning and disinfection?

Facilitator Notes
For example, remind the staff that just because a surface appears clean, it may still contain harmful pathogens. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces reduces contamination and helps to protect the resident.

6. Obtain cleaning products used at your facility and read the instructions on the labels. Determine if staff are using the product properly by identifying the following: necessary personal protective equipment; contact time; and proper storage and disposal of the cleaning product.

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