Training Module 3 Activity Guide

AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: HAIs/CAUTI

Personal Protective Equipment: Putting On and Taking Off Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • Gloves
  • Gowns
  • Masks
  • Face shields or goggles
  • Simulated germs (e.g., chocolate syrup, washable paint, povidone-iodine)
  • Waste bin
  • Hand hygiene products (sink with soap/water and hand sanitizer)
  • Prizes


  1. Ask for a volunteer to demonstrate putting on and taking off PPE.
  2. Have the volunteer put on PPE, such as gloves, a gown, etc. Have the group observe the volunteer putting on PPE correctly and in the correct order. (Remember the volunteer should always start with proper hand hygiene.)
  3. Simulate contamination of the PPE during resident care by placing a small amount of the simulated germ product on the volunteer’s gloved hands and gown.
  4. Have the volunteer remove their PPE. The group should again observe the volunteer’s PPE removal to make sure it is done in the proper order and that he/she does not contaminate his/her hands or clothing.
  5. The volunteer should also properly dispose of his/her contaminated PPE in the waste bin and perform hand hygiene.
  6. Thank the volunteer and consider giving an award for participation.
  7. Ask the group for feedback:
    1. What did the volunteer do well?
    2. Were there any opportunities for improvement?
  8. Repeat the activity with additional volunteers and different combinations of PPE.
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