CAUTI-Related Data Collection Tool

AHRQ Safety Program for Long-Term Care: HAIs/CAUTI

Data Rates Monthly Rate
(CAUTIs per 1,000 catheter days
(Total number of CAUTIs / Total number of catheter days) x 1,000. No catheter days
Catheter Utilization Ratio (Number of catheter days / Number of resident days) x 100 0
Urine Culture Collection Rate
(Cultures per 1,000 resident days)
(Number of collected urine cultures / Number of resident days) x 100 0
Measure definitions Monthly Total
CAUTIs: CAUTIs are counted on the first date that the cluster of signs and symptoms, lab reports and the presence of a catheter for more than 2 days are found together. CAUTI is an event which may continue for days or even weeks, but it is counted only once, not each day. 0
Resident Days:

Every day a resident is in your facility equals one resident day. This includes all residents, whether or not they have a catheter. This should be collected at the same time each day.

Resident Catheter Days: Every day a resident has an indwelling urinary catheter (stays in place, meaning not an in and out catheterization) that is through the urethra (meaning not suprapubic or urostomies) is equal to one catheter day. This should be collected at the same time each day. 0
Urine Cultures: Number of urine cultures collected, for all residents (i.e., with or without catheters). 0


Enter first day of the month: _________________ (e.g., 10/1/2015)

(# of new events)
Resident Catheter Days
(# of residents w/catheters)
Resident Days
(# of residents)
Urine Cultures
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