SAHL-E Keys for Health Literacy Measurement Tools

Answer Key

SAHL-E keys

Correct answers are bolded and highlighted in yellow

  1. kidney



__don’t know

  1. occupation



__don’t know

  1. medication



__don’t know

  1. nutrition



__don’t know

  1. miscarriage



__don’t know

  1. infection



__don’t know

  1. alcoholism



__don’t know

  1. pregnancy



__don’t know

  1. seizure



__don’t know

  1. dose



__don’t know

  1. hormones



__don’t know

  1. abnormal



__don’t know

  1. directed



__don’t know

  1. nerves



__don’t know

  1. constipation



__don’t know

  1. diagnosis



__don’t know

  1. hemorrhoids



__don’t know

  1. syphilis



__don’t know

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