Slide 39. Using the ePSS in a clinical setting-an example: (continued)

Presentation describes the methods used by the US Preventive Services Task Force to develop recommendations.

Using the ePSS in a clinical setting—an example:

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  • Designated member of the health care team reviews in greater detail
    • Further counseling is provided by a member of the clinic staff.
    • Printed instructions should be provided to the patient for further reference and explanation of the healthcare team recommendations.
  • The VA Model is a working example similar to what was just described.
    • A member of the healthcare team completes an in-depth screening using the VA electronic medical records system. The patient answers are documented for the healthcare provider's review.
    • The healthcare provider reviews the patient responses and addresses the health risks with the patient, recommending lifestyle modification and/or treatment.
    • When appropriate the patient returns to the nurse for further discussion and counseling. Referral is made as indicated to a specialist.

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