Slide 8. Levels of Prevention*

Presentation describes the methods used by the US Preventive Services Task Force to develop recommendations.

Levels of Prevention*

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  • Primary Prevention
    • Avoidance/prevention of disease or injury (inclusive of mental health)
      • Immunizations
  • Secondary Prevention
    • Early detection and treatment
      • Mammography
  • Tertiary Prevention
    • Reduction of disability and prompt rehabilitation
    • Management of existing conditions.
      • End-stage renal failure

*Leavell and Clark 1965


Ask question: examples of primary/secondary, what is a pap smear? What level?

Emphasize the point about primary prevention and the need to influence young people (middle school?) to avoid risky behavior (tobacco use) and discuss information on safe sexual practices before they initiate sexual activity.

Leavel's Level's of prevention as described in 1965 are still the standard for categorizing prevention.

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