AHRQ Chartered Value Exchanges (CVE): Public Reporting Web Sites

Public reporting provides information on physician and hospital performance. This page has links to public reporting Web sites sponsored by Chartered Value Exchanges (CVEs) or stakeholders affiliated with a CVE.
CVE Name1
(Listed Alphabetically by State)
Public Report Web Site
(Sponsored by CVE or Stakeholder Affiliated With CVE)
Type of Report
(Hospital, Physician or Physician Practice Group, Health Plan)
California Chartered Value Exchange http://www.calhospitalcompare.org/?v=2 (hosted by the California HealthCare Foundation). Hospital
http://opa.ca.gov/report_card/default.aspx (hosted by the California Office of the Patient Advocate). Hospital/Physician Practice Group/Health Plan
Colorado Value Exchange http://www.cohospitalquality.org/corda/dashboards/COLORADO_REPORT_CARD_BY_MEASURE/main.dashxml (hosted by the Colorado Hospital Association). Hospital
http://www.coloradohealthonline.org/cbgh/index.cfm/publications/health-matters-report/ (hosted by the Colorado Business Group on Health). Hospital/Physician/Health Plan
Kansas—Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium http://www.qualityhealthtogether.org/find_quality_care.php (hosted by Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium). Hospital/Physician/Physician Practice Group
Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum http://www.lahealthinform.org (hosted by the Louisiana Hospital Association). Hospital
Maine Chartered Value Exchange Alliance http://www.mqf-online.com/summary/intro.aspx (hosted by the Maine Quality Forum). Hospital
http://www.mhmc.info/ (hosted by Maine Health Management Coalition Foundation). Hospital/Physician Practice Group
http://gateway.maine.gov/MHDO/healthcost/information.aspx (hosted by Maine Health Data Organization). Hospital/Health Plan
Massachusetts Chartered Value Exchange http://www.mhqp.org/quality/clinical/cqSearch.asp?nav=032460 (hosted by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners). Physician Practice Group
Michigan—Alliance for Health http://rethinkhealthy.org (hosted by the Alliance for Health). Hospital
Michigan—Greater Detroit Area Health Council http://www.mycarecompare.org (hosted by Greater Detroit Area Health Council). Hospital/Physician Practice Group
Minnesota Healthcare Value Exchange http://www.mnhospitalquality.org (hosted by the Minnesota Hospital Quality Partnership, which includes the Minnesota Hospital Association and Stratis Health, Minnesota's Quality Improvement Organization). Hospital
http://www.mnhospitalpricecheck.org (hosted by the Minnesota Hospital Association). Hospital
http://www.mnhealthscores.org (hosted by MN Community Measurement). Hospital/Physician Practice Group
Nevada Partnership for Value-driven Health Care http://www.healthinsight.org/Internal/HospitalPerformanceRankings.html (hosted by HealthInsight). Hospital
http://www.nvpricepoint.net/ (hosted by the Nevada Hospital Association). Hospital
http://www.nvhospitalquality.net/ (hosted by the Nevada Hospital Association). Hospital
Ohio—Health Improvement Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati and HealthBridge http://www.gchchospitalquality.org (hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Health Council). Hospital
http://www.yourhealthmattersgreatercincinnati.org (hosted by the Health Collaborative). Physician Practice Group
Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation http://www.orpricepoint.org (hosted by the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems). Hospital
http://www.orhospitalquality.org (hosted by the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems). Hospital
http://www.partnerforqualitycare.org (hosted by Oregon Health Care Quality Corp). Hospital/Physician Practice Group
Pennsylvania—Aligning Forces for Quality-South Central PA http://www.aligning4healthpa.org/community-checkup.aspx (hosted by Aligning Forces for Quality South Central Pennsylvania). Hospital/Physician Practice Group
Tennessee—Healthy Memphis Common Table http://www.bcbst.com/tools/hospital-quality/service.do (hosted by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee). Hospital
http://healthcarequalitymatters.org (hosted by Healthy Memphis Common Table). Hospital/Physician Practice Group
Utah Partnership for Value-driven Health Care http://www.healthinsight.org/Internal/HospitalPerformanceRankings.html (hosted by HealthInsight). Hospital
http://utahhealthscape.org (hosted by HealthInsight). Hospital/Health Plan
http://utpricepoint.org (hosted by the Utah Hospital Association and the Utah Department of Health). Hospital
http://www.utcheckpoint.org/index.aspx (hosted by the Utah Hospital Association). Hospital
https://health.utah.gov/myhealthcare/index.htm (hosted by the Utah Department of Health). Hospital/Health Plan
Virginia Health Care Alliance http://www.vapricepoint.org (hosted by the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association). Hospital
http://myvbch.org/initiatives/quality-improvement/hospitals/leapfrog-va-hospitals/ (hosted by the Virginia Business Coalition on Health). Hospital
http://vhi.org (hosted by Virginia Health Information). Hospital/Physician/Health Plan
Washington—Puget Sound Health Alliance http://www.wacommunitycheckup.org (hosted by Puget Sound Health Alliance ). Hospital/Physician Practice Group
Wisconsin Healthcare Value Exchange http://www.the-alliance.org/qualitycounts.aspx (hosted by The Alliance®). Hospital
http://www.wchq.org/reporting/ (hosted by Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality). Hospital/Physician Practice Group

1. As of November 2012, the following CVEs and their affiliated stakeholders do not sponsor a public report: Connecticut: eHealthConnecticut; Indiana: Quality Health First Program; Kentucky: Greater Louisville Value Exchange Partnership; Michigan Health Information Alliance; New York Quality Alliance; and Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative.

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