Promoting Your Public Report: A Hands-on Guide

4b. Key Message Box for Report Release Template (Text Description)

A diagram shows four boxes surrounding a triangle. The triangle has the theme "shining a light to improve health care." The text reads:

Shining a light to improve health care. This report on health care performance is like a check-up for the whole [name] community.

What gets measured gets managed and improves. By shining a light, we see where improvement is needed. Improving the results in this report will lower the personal and financial cost of chronic disease and preventable health problems.

Future reports will also [add a few examples of what's to come, to make it clear that the report will evolve and improve over time].

The four boxes contain factors that contribute to this theme:

  • It's time for you to do your part: No single doctor, clinic, hospital, patient, insurer or employer can improve the health care system alone. There are things each person can do to help improve health care.
  • Getting the basics right: This report shows how well the community is doing in basic areas so we can each take action* to increase use of care that works to keep people as healthy as possible, and avoid harmful or inappropriate care.
  • Everyone has room to improve: This report does not pass judgment on any group of doctors, hospitals, patients or others. Everyone has a hand in the health care system, and we each have a role to play to improve health care value. There is more to high-value health care than what we measure, but the report focuses on essential areas. In those key areas, it's clear that everyone has room to improve.
  • The power of transparency and working together: Many doctors and other community leaders worked with the non-profit group that created this report, through an open process. With one report that everyone in the community uses, we can identify and learn from high performers, then take action to help improve our own health and local health care.*

*How to use the report to improve health care?

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