Promoting Your Public Report: A Hands-on Guide

4b. Key Message Box for Report Release Template

Note: This example of key messages for releasing a first-time public report is based on the work of the Puget Sound Health Alliance. Customize the text in brackets by considering the report's purpose and expected uses initially.


HOW TO USE THIS MESSAGE BOX: Familiarize yourself with these messages to easily talk with anyone about the public report. Where you start your comments depends on how the question is framed. Use your first comment to bridge to the points in the center and the messages in the other boxes.

The Message Box is a diagram showing four boxes surrounding a triangle. For details, select [D] Text Description below.

[D] Select for Text Description.

How to Use the [Name of Report] To Improve Health Care

No single doctor, clinic, hospital, patient, insurer, employer, or union can fix the health care system alone. The [Collaborative name] understands that and encourages all of us to do our part by using the [public report name]. If each of us did the things in the following list, we could all help ensure that local health care is as effective, safe, and affordable as possible:

Patients and Other Individuals

  1. Use the report to see what you should talk about with your doctor.
  2. Then have that discussion with your doctor and be sure to follow the advice.
  3. Everyday, make good decisions that keep you as healthy as possible.

Doctors and Other Health Care Professionals

  1. Use the report to see how your clinic or hospital compares with others, and work with your peers on improving overall approaches to patient care.
  2. Continue to talk with patients about effective care that is best for them and tell the community about your results in the [public report name].
  3. Review your organization's results in the [public report name] during contract discussions with health plans and other payers.

Employers, Union Trusts, and Insurers

  1. Use the [public report name] to ensure that the benefits you offer cover all of the categories of effective care described in the report, without benefit, coverage, or other insurance barriers that prevent people from getting the care they need to stay as healthy as possible.
  2. Inform your members or employees about the [public report name] and the resources on the report Web site to support healthier decisions.
  3. Review the comparison results in the [public report name] during contract discussions with health care providers and others.

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