Promoting Your Public Report: A Hands-on Guide

6b. Blogger Email Template

Note: Customize this Email template, particularly the text in brackets, to fit your public report and local situation. This can be used to connect with one blogger or sent to a group of bloggers, with the suggestion that you all meet in one setting to have a group discussion about the upcoming release of your public report.

Dear [name],

Because you follow health care activities in [community name] and cover them in your blog, I want to be sure that you have the latest information from [Collaborative name]. We are a local non-profit - supported by employers, health plans, doctors, hospitals, government agencies, community groups and others - who came together to take a shared approach to evaluating the quality of local health care, then report to the community over time to motivate improvement. The first public report comparing clinics and hospitals in the region is expected to be released on [date].

Would you be interested in meeting with me to discuss this vision, our work thus far, and the status and challenges of creating this kind of public report? I'd be happy to answer your questions and explore what kind of information sharing from us would work best for you and your blog.

On [date] at [time], I'm planning to be at [social location: coffee house, local pub, or restaurant] to have a group discussion with several local bloggers. I hope you can be there as it would be great to meet you. If another time works better for you, let me know and we can meet then. Thanks so much.

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