Plan Your Reporting Project

The first step in a public reporting project is to lay the foundation—politically, organizationally, and financially. While this may sound obvious, many projects fail because sponsors do not take the time to think through and prepare for all the steps in the process. They dive right into collecting and reporting data, only to be taken by surprise when someone objects to a key aspect of the project, the money runs out, or the intended audience shows no interest in the final product.

This section walks you through the process of planning a consumer reporting project. It is intended to help report sponsors produce a report that is feasible and sustainable and meets the audience’s needs.

  • Get Started: A discussion of six questions you need to answer before your proceed with your project.
  • Develop Strategies: An overview of decisions you will want to make to ensure that your project goes smoothly.
Page last reviewed March 2016
Page originally created February 2015
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