Preventing Falls in Hospitals

Tool 4C: Assessing Staff Education and Training

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Background: The purpose of this tool is to assess current staff education practices and to facilitate the integration of new knowledge on fall prevention into existing or new practices.

Reference: Adapted from Facility Assessment Checklist developed by Quality Partners of Rhode Island. Available at: 

How to use this tool: Complete the form by checking the response that best describes your hospital. This tool should be filled out by the Implementation Team leader or designee in collaboration with the other team members.

This tool can be used to identify areas for improvement and develop educational programs where they are missing. 

Facility Assessment

Date: ______________________

A. Does your hospital have initial and ongoing education on fall prevention and management for both nursing and nonnursing staff?

___ No. If no, this is an area for improvement.

___ This is an area we are working on.

___ Yes.

B. Does your facility's education program for fall prevention and management include the following components?

  Yes No Person Responsible Comments
1. Are new staff assessed for their need for education on fall prevention and management?        
2. Are current staff provided with ongoing education on the principles of fall prevention and management?        
3. Does education of staff provide discipline-specific education for fall prevention and management?        
4. Is there a designated clinical expert available at the facility to answer questions from all staff about fall prevention and management?        
5. Is the education provided at the appropriate level for the learner (e.g., CNA vs. RN?)        
6. Does the education provided address risk factor assessment tools and procedures?        
7. Does the education include staff training on documentation methods related to falls (e.g., circumstances of fall if applicable, risk factors for falls, how those risk factors have been addressed)?        

C. In which areas of knowledge does the assessment suggest staff need more education?


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