Universal ICU Decolonization: An Enhanced Protocol

Appendix E. Training and Educational Materials (continued)

Universal ICU Decolonization Drawing shows a figure leaning on a question mark.



  • Use chlorhexidine (CHG) baths in place of daily bathing with soap and water.
  • Massage firmly into skin to bind skin proteins and prevent bacteria for 24 hours.
  • Give CHG baths every day for entire ICU stay.
  • Use nasal mupirocin twice a day for 5 days of ICU stay.
  • Only use CHG-compatible lotions.
  • Restart entire protocol for readmitted ICU patients.
  • Clean 6 inches of tubing closest to body.
  • Use over superficial wounds, including stages 1 and 2 decubitus ulcers.


  • Do NOT use above jawline.
  • Do NOT rinse or wipe off CHG. Let air dry.
  • Do NOT flush CHG cloths (discard in trash, not toilet or commode).
  • Do NOT continue protocol after ICU discharge.
  • Do NOT include patients who are allergic to mupirocin and/or CHG.

Refer To Decolonization Protocol for Step-By-Step Instructions



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